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Abhyuday Facilities

  • Comfortable Bus Service


    Abhyuday School provides school bus service to its students coming from the Kawardha city as well as near-by places. Special care is taken to train the driver and conductors. An assistant always accompanies students on bus.

  • Interactive Learning


    Abhyuday campus has modern lab with 40 computers and with Wi-fi enabled, innovative Maths Lab and mutipurpose activity halls for music, dance, drama and theatre to provide a holistic development of a child.

  • Active Classrooms


    The Classrooms are designed as the concept of "Active Classrooms" where the furniture, interiors and extended outdoor classrooms are designed to cater to various teaching methods adopted at Abhyuday.

  • Sports Facilities


    Abhyuday has a dedicate play area for Kindergarten along with other indoor and outdoor facilities.

Welcome to Abhyuday

It started as a dream of making the finest quality of education accessible to the hinterlands of Kawardha. The kind of education that parents and students of large metros take for granted. The dream cherished and nurtured by the Sudha Devi Trust has finally taken the shape of reality with Abhyuday School, a school that will be a change agent for the entire region. A school with a difference where children will find joy in learning and celebrate knowledge. Abhyuday children will look forward to go to school every morning because of the environment of learning nurtured through love, affection and compassion. Ensuring a world-ready responsible citizen seeped in Indian culture and universal values.

It Is All About You

Every child is born with a natural curiosity to observe, experiment, experience and hence learn about oneself and the world around them. We are committed to build a culture of love and wisdom where they can develop themselves to the potential life has offered.

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already present in the person.

Swami Vivekanand Ji