Illuminati the English club aims towards the linguistic development of child be it of any sphere reading, writing, listening or speaking. Many different activities were conducted for children of different age groups. An activity called ‘story in sequence’ was conducted for the classes of 3, 4 and 5 wherein the students get two worksheets one consist of pictures which they have to cut out and set in sequence and draw out a sensible story and paste and write in the other worksheet which has space to write.

This activity enhances creative thinking; critical thinking develops vocabularies and imbibes values learnt through the moral of the story.A roll play was conducted for classes VI, VII and VIII not only to enhance speaking skills but also to inculcate empathy. Students were asked to choose any article from their surrounding and speak, on behalf of, posing as the article. This activity helps the students to develop empathy, critical thinking as well as brings out creativity and talent, furthermore pushing it to the next phase the students are explained about diary entry and few questions are given for homework.

The activity for 9th and 10th is clubbed with life skills so as to enhance spoken English as well as judge life skills. The class 9th students performed an activity called ‘My name is ME!’ each student had to print his or her name vertically down the left-hand side of a sheet of lined paper, writing each letter separately. The students had to think of a self-descriptive word or an adjective that described one of their qualities and began with an alphabet that belonged to their name forming a ‘acronym’. The purpose of organizing this activity was to promote the students awareness and appreciation about themselves, to help students reflect on their self-worth. To enhance students self- esteem. students are to write a descriptive paragraph or story about themselves, using the words or phrases they have selected or any others they can think of as they are writing their paragraphs. the students are to share their writing Selections with the class. enhanced: Self awareness, managing emotions, inter-personal skills, empathy, creative thinking.

The class 10 students performed an activity called Appreciating Others “I like You”. Students had to Start at one end of the circle and ask each participant to tell the person on his/her left one thing that s/he likes about him/her. When the circle is completed, they repeat the exercise in reverse order (i.e., each participant tells the person on his/her right one thing that s/he likes about him/her). Ask students to fill up the Student Worksheet: Students become aware of each other’s positive traits. this activity teaches the children to learn to appreciate each other’s good qualities. the participants are invited to sit in a circle. The teacher explains that we all have good and bad in us, and it is important to recognize the good. This exercise enables us to appreciate each other’s positive qualities. Life Skills like Effective communication, Empathy, Self awareness, Creative thinking, Interpersonal Relationships were enhanced: They will learn to pass on appreciation effectively. Students will become more appreciative of people around them, especially their friends and family.