Picnic 2013

Education liberates the mind from all bondage and limits. The knowledge one gains and acquires remains with the individual throughout his/her life like a guiding lamp. Education is not confined within the school boundary walls, but has a larger perspective outside too.
With this essence and philosophy we strive to teach our students at Abhyuday School, else at least provide them a platform to learn by themselves the both inside and outside the classroom walls.
Outdoor classroom has proved very helpful in building trust, confidence and respect amongst students in their group which reflects later outside too.
The pre-primary section along with their teachers and helping staff visited Sudha Devi Park on Nov 22 & primary/middle section went to Dongaria on Nov23. It was a whole day trip wherein the children’s carried the food, water and required gear from home for the basic necessities. Letting loose sometimes helps discipline the mind through experience and thus with an eye on every child without their realization they were left alone to have fun and play on various slides and swings at the play stations in the park. It was a fun to see the children’s and a learning for all the teachers and grown-ups to see the children’s play and share amongst themselves without any ego and the purity of their thoughts. Giving chance to each child on the rides and swings, climbing together up the stairs holding hands, cheering the fellow student up when fallen down, seems so simple yet very powerful.
We look forward for more of such opportunities and self exploring platform for the students.