Abhyuday Culture

Grounded in a tradition of teaching excellence, Abhyuday puts the students first at all times. At Abhyuday, we intend to build a culture of openness and genuine caring that enables children to discover and celebrate the joys of learning.

Our teaching learning continuum is distinguished by:

• Freedom to learn, explore and experiment
• Road to learning through love, affection and compassion
• Self respect and self esteem
• Trust and faith in self and others
• Maintain dignity and respect
• Positive attitude towards learning
• Belief in self and others ability
• Learning at one’s pace
• Sharing and caring both knowledge and expertise
• Group learning, peer to peer learning and self-learning
• Interdependence route to Sustenance
• Concept understanding and not rote learning
• Inquiry based learning
• Accepting that mistakes are a natural phenomenon in learning
• Creative Teaching based on physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual all round development.
• Indian culture a true learning resource
• Self disciplining using self correction techniques

Rich with Indian values, academic excellence and global perspectives, education at Abhyuday gives each child the right foundation for a lifetime of opportunity and success.