Principal’s Message


Welcome to this page,

Abhyuday School, perceived and nurtured by Sudha Devi Trust, as it stands today, is the culmination of a vision conceived Six years ago. A vision to provide a state-of-the-art holistic education within a friendly, caring and conducive environment in the pursuit of excellence and the academic, aesthetic, physical, emotional and social education of each child under the care of a dedicated team in the hinterlands of Kawardha (Chhattisgarh), far from the madding crowd.

Education in present context has gone far beyond the shackles of textbooks. The aim of all learning at Abhyuday School is to become independent and innovative thinkers, develop critical and analytical skills and to be self-motivated and self-driven through a genuine love of the subject. Tolerance and appreciation for cultural and regional differences is at the core of all activities. A genuine urge to reach out to the less fortunate and to share knowledge for the greater benefit of society at large is the essence of all teaching here at Abhyuday School, Kawardha.

We at Abhyuday are on a mission to work through mainstream education to create a sustainable form of learning based on real life connections that can infuse new energy and extract new meaning from an otherwise content-heavy syllabus vis-à-vis confining to the high standards of formal achievements on conventional numeric scales.

On a typical day at Abhyuday School, students are trained to play, sing, dance, read, write, speak, develop numerical skills, understand periodic classification of elements, think creatively and critically, to resolve conflicts and negotiate. They are encouraged to proclaim, to speak persuasively with correct pronunciation, intonation, diction and to gradually enrich their vocabulary. They are shown how reading books is enriching and enjoyable, taught to appreciate the subtle turns and twists of language and style. They evolve as a person who is steadily Arising, Awakening and is confident of Achieving in perfect unison with our motto “Arise, Awake, Achieve” on the day to day basis.

Our earnest endeavour would be to see our students leave Abhyuday School as resourceful, practical, empathetic and committed persons, able to identify their goals and equipped to achieve them with a strong moral rectitude.


Mrs. V.Shobha
Principal, Abhyuday School