Teaching Methodology

Learning at Abhyuday is a comprehensive and multi-dimensional. At the heart of the school curriculum is the CBSE syllabus, which is augmented by unique life skills and thinking skills curriculum from our Education Partner, Strategum, Bangalore.

The curriculum focuses on the holistic development of the child both in academic and co-curricular areas. It provides opportunities for developing skills, values and attitudes through the activities both inside and outside of the classrooms.

We have adapted a multidisciplinary approach that caters to the pace of every learner. The emphasis is on self-learning keeping the interest levels and the ability. It is based on comprehending the concepts and application and not on gross content. Abhyuday adopts a child friendly, value driven learner centered approach that connects to real life.

The curriculum is a broad canvas on which the child creates an image of himself or herself and impressions that reflect all through his life in which the teacher acts as a facilitator in realizing it.

Cultural Exploration

• Abhyuday community activity.
• Field trip and site visits.
• Achiever’s meet.
• Festivals and celebrations observatory.
• Indian Renaissance- music, art, shloka, story, circle time, cinema, literature and theater and drama.
• Yoga and Martial-Art for discipline of body.
• Hands on play- pottery, carpentry, cooking.
• Talent exploratory recitation, singing, acting and public speaking.

In Academic Sessions

• Multidisciplinary approach.
• Life skill learning.
• Creative thinking and critical analysis.
• Concept based lessons.
• Hands on experiential learning in Maths and Science.
• Creative project work.
• Peer teaching learning.
• Preparatory period- homework guidance.
• Financial literacy.